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Custom Retaining Wall Design and Installation Services


Our design principles for custom retaining wall design and installation for luxury homeowners place equal importance on function and elegance.

While landscaping walls are frequently used to terrace slopes, to restrain soil between different elevations and to establish boundaries, our natural stone retaining walls are designed to also create an elegant enclosure that enhances the stately and sophisticated architecture of your home.

These are a few retaining wall ideas for recreating timeless beauty for distinctive landscapes:

  • Dry-stacked stone retaining walls with pockets for small rock garden plants
  • Segmental rock incorporating the lush beauty of a hanging garden
  • Use of rock terracing as a functional yet spectacular decorative design element
  • Creating the enviable appearance of an old-world country estate
  • Use of contoured segmental wall block as a beautiful flower garden backdrop

Call Island Rock & Water, LLC to learn more about unique design ideas and installations of retaining walls and landscaping walls that can enhance the architectural style of your luxury home.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls Combine Functionality and Beauty


Natural stone retaining walls offer more natural charm and captivate greater visual attraction than most any alternative wall product.

We know from our years of experience in retaining wall design that longevity favors natural stone.

For a truly captivating retaining wall design that combines functionality and enhanced beauty, luxury homeowners have a preference for the charm of a random stone, tightly-fitted stone wall, in addition to these factors:

  • A stone wall should remain functional seven times longer than a concrete wall
  • Warm and cool temperatures are less likely to adversely affect stone
  • Beautiful texture and rich natural color tones of natural stone

We are design and installation professionals who understand that retaining walls and landscaping walls should be functional, beautiful and in complete harmony with the natural environment.

Our team is ready to meet the demands of functionality with incredible aesthetic designs for retaining and landscaping walls of natural stone to create drama and incredible amount value to your luxury home.

Landscaping Walls Offer May Benefits to the Homeowner


Well-designed low stone retaining walls create a clear barrier along property lines for homeowners that add textural visual interest to beautifully landscaped property without blocking the view.

These landscaping walls can provide the structure for lavishly vibrant pots and containers providing a warm and welcoming invitation to visitors.

In addition to the unparalleled natural beauty of stone retaining walls, or the engineering strength of segmental block for terracing steep slopes, there are benefits associated with retaining wall design and installation:

  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Proper routing of rainwater runoff
  • Accessibility to unlevel terrain
  • Establish boundaries

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