Gig Harbor, WA

Residential Landscape Lighting Offers Ambiance and Safety


We are known for our ability to create a masterpiece with high-performance low voltage landscape lighting to beautify luxury homes and entire landscapes.

If you enjoy outdoor socializing and entertaining, we can expand your outdoor living spaces with nighttime ambiance, and safety from trips and falls with outdoor low voltage lighting.

Our clients look to us for ways to showcase their luxury home and landscape with creative landscape lighting design and installation including areas such as:

  • Landscape and gardens
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Walkways
  • Pond and garden waterfalls
  • Pool lighting
  • Dock lighting
  • Beautiful fountains

We take great care in emphasizing the architectural fa├žade of the home to emphasize its elegance and sophistication. Our design team uses carefully positioned low voltage lighting for landscape elements, and artfully designed outdoor lighting for safety.

You can call Island Rock & Water, LLC to learn more about streamlined lighting solutions for luxury homeowners.

High End Low Voltage Lighting for Patios, Decks and Stairways


We are experienced and fully equipped to design and install high end low voltage lighting systems for luxury home lighting of patios, decks, stairways and walkways that will provide full richness of light and add appropriate dimension in and around those specific areas.

To meet all of your deck, patio and stairway lighting needs, we can design and install low voltage deck lighting to:

  • Provide a safe outdoor environment
  • Reduce risk of stumbles and falls
  • Create the perfect atmosphere for an evening escape
  • Enhance the ambiance for intimate settings
  • Brighten the patio or deck to bring the party outside

In addition to extending your outdoor living spaces with perfect lighting, we can install low voltage landscape lighting to enhance your gardens, pathways, pond waterfalls, fountains and trees with a picturesque glow.

Let us accentuate the beauty of your home and full landscape with low voltage landscape lighting positioned at just the right angles to showcase the full beauty of your estate.

Why Choose Us for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?


We are strongly committed to providing premier outdoor lighting design and installation for our luxury homeowners.

While we are deliberate in complementing the beautiful architecture of the home with low voltage lighting, we provide added dimension by illuminating all landscape elements and unique safety areas such as pathways and stairs.

These are a few reasons to choose us for low voltage landscape lighting:

  • Our trouble-free installations provide ambiance and safety
  • Functional installations to improve security throughout your property
  • Breathtaking lighting that transforms the ordinary into something spectacular
  • Ability to beautify your entire home, landscape, trees and outdoor living spaces

Call Island Rock & Water, LLC for a low voltage lighting installation to enhance and emphasize the unique style of your home and landscape with the functionality of safety and security. 253.235.9595